East Portland Chamber of Commerce 2014 Board

The East Portland Chamber of Commerce is an independent organization dedicated to serving the interests of businesses on Portland’s Eastside – from the Willamette River to the city of Gresham.

EPCC 2014 board photo small

EPCC 2014 Board of Directors: President-Sarah Garrison, Vice President-Crismon Lewis, Secretary-Chris Schloe, Treasurer-Karla Signs, Stephen Backstrom, Sara Fisher, Deborah Higa, Adam Lee, Holly Moss, Brent Mason, Leslie Newberry, Xochil Springer

As a desirable and vibrant part of the Portland metropolitan area, East Portland’s many unique neighborhoods and districts offer a wide variety of choices to its residents and business community.

From housing to schools, Parks and Recreation facilities to shopping centers, business districts and industrial areas, East Portland’s infrastructure supports the full range of business activities.

As an independent Chamber of Commerce, the East Portland Chamber is able to recognize and listen to each of their members, from the one person home-based business to large companies. Governed by a Board of Directors who represent small, medium, and large businesses on Portland’s Eastside, the Chamber has the same needs, concerns, and goals as you do.

The board holds regular monthly meetings that are open to all chamber members to facilitate the continuing success of the chamber and to give members an added opportunity to help shape the future.