Education AM | March 4th

Please join the East Portland Chamber of Commerce for our next Education AM. Kymm Nelsen with Great Life Training & Consulting will be presenting, “Getting Into Your Flow – Keys that unlock your passion, resources and talents.”

Kymm Nelsen | Great Life Training & Consulting, LLC
March 4th | 7:30-9:00am 
CherryWood Village  | 1417 SE 107th Ave | MAP

kymm nelsen photoGetting Into Your Flow – Keys that unlock your passion, resources and talents:
Experts in human success have been busy figuring out how people live meaningful, happy lives.  One of the most important key to success is learning how to get into your flow. Flow is that optimal state of motivation that happens when you are totally absorbed and immersed in what you’re doing.  Athletes call it being in the zone. It is when we do our best work, when we feel strong and resourceful, and when we feel our greatest connection to our purpose and meaning. Studies have shown that quality of life can be measured by how often we achieve flow.

Join Kymm Nelsen, master hypnotherapist and personal development consultant, to learn the secrets to achieving your flow.  She’ll highlight the most important keys to flow, explore examples of flow in everyday life, and invite discussion with the audience about their own experiences with flow. You’ll gain insight and ideas to help you tap into your own flow to boost your personal and business success. You can learn more about Kymm at her website,

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