Rosewood Open House October 29th at 6pm!


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Wix Agency October 2014 Member Spotlight

wix staffWix Agency is a one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs. We offer auto, home, life, health, commercial, umbrella coverage and more. At Wix, you will never pay a brokerage fee, but you will receive expert advice on your insurance coverage and the peace of mind that all of your policies are bundled in one place. We represent many different insurance companies including: Safeco, Progressive, Travelers, MetLife, Mapfre, Health Net, Humana, Moda, Kaiser Permanente, Life Wise and many more. Our priority is to find you the best coverage for the lowest price possible. Call our office today for a free quote and let’s see how we can help you save time and money so you can invest in what matters most – running your business. Insurance is never fun, but it’s necessary, and we can make it easier.

Wix Agency, a family business, serving all your insurance needs since 2002.

Katelyn Convery

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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation, uniting Portland October 11th at Portland International Raceway. This breast cancer event is an incredible and inspiring opportunity to honor those who have battled breast cancer, raise awareness about what we can do to reduce our breast cancer risk, and raise money to help the American Cancer Society fight the disease with research, information, services, and access to mammograms for women who need them. This is a non-competitive, 5K walk that has no registration fee or minimum fundraising requirement. Visit for more information, to volunteer, or to start your team today! 2014 Making Strides Flyer.

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Hood Therapeutic Massage – Sept 2014 Member Spotlight

Hood Therapeutic Massage logoHood Therapeutic Massage was established in 1989 by Deb Thomas, LMT. I tailor the massage to the person on my table. Over the years my practice has evolved from focusing on wellness to medical massage and as a result is a bit of both; this brings me variety and fulfillment. Whether helping you relax and release daily stress, heal from an auto accident or tackle tension from an old injury pattern; making a difference is my passion. I provide insurance billing for auto accidents and am on several medical insurance preferred provider lists. I have focused my continued education in therapeutic modalities that lend to healing from injury such as touch for health acupressure, pressure point and trigger point therapy, PNF and have a certification in myofascial release. I use aromatherapy in all my sessions and apply hot moist towels in the one hour or longer sessions. I sell essential oils and provide personal essential oil blending; offer package pricing and senior discount. The office is located in the Parkway Professional Plaza at SE Division and 101st Av.

Deb Thomas, LMT

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Marion Haynes, VP Government Affairs for PBA discusses Street Fees

On August 20th, the East Portland Chamber GEACs heard from the newest executive on the Portland Business Alliance team.  Marion Haynes is an advocate on behalf of businesses in Portland.  She interacts with the city, county, state and other business associations.  She follows a wide variety of topics, proposals and issues that affect the business community in the city, land use, transportation, city services, the new laws and ordinances.  She reflected on some of the issues that she faced when working for the PBA governmental affairs team 6 years ago.  Some projects have seen tremendous progress, while others seem to be stuck in the same place as her last gig.  A few of the topics she is involved in…

Street Fees:

The proposal for charging business and residents monthly fees to fund the maintenance of Portland city streets was rolled out by Mayor Hales and city commissioner Steve Novick early this year.  It was slated for a vote in May with only a few weeks of public awareness.  The proposal was met with enormous opposition from the business community.  The vote by the city commissioners was delayed and several committees formed to come up with a more palatable solution.  A few things that are in discussion for modification include:

  • The original proposal was to raise $53 million dollars..  The newest number is more in the range of $25 to $35 million.
  • The original plan was to raise half from business and half from residents.  The latest discussion is to raise 1/3 each from business, residents and from city budget revisions.
  • Many of the groups involved in revising the plan would like to first see a list of potential projects – not just a dollar figure with nothing attached.   There needs to be commitment that the funds will go to maintenance and not other pet city projects. Recognizing that there are many safety needs – these funds should be used primarily for the maintenance that has been neglected due to the diversion of the franchise fees, which were originally dedicated to maintenance, but instead used for other  projects.
  • Businesses are advocating for a sunset of the fee with possible renewal as other projects are identified.
  • There will be an oversight committee made up of bureaucrats and special interest groups. Only a few spots were slotted for business owners.  PBA is advocating that business be represented in proportion to the amount of funds coming from business.
  • There needs to be a provision that maintains the existing funds that the city allocates to maintenance of streets.  They should not take money away from the city budget to be replaced with this new tax.  It should be additive.
  • The original proposal was to add the fee to the existing water utility bills.  This means that it would be common for the landlords to be the collectors of the fee/tax and the application would not be consistent.  The new proposal asks that all businesses with a license to do business in the city will pay the fee.  The new proposal is based on business type and the square footage of the business footprint.

City Comprehensive plan:

Portland is working on an up-date to the comprehensive plan which includes jobs, economic development, land use policy, education, environmental regulation and many more details.  The plan should be completed in September and voted on by the city in January of 2015.

The governmental affairs team and their corresponding committee at PBA support and represent their 1800 members, but also all of the other businesses in the city benefit from their activities and participation I the process.

Char Shinn
VP of Business and Community Development
503.833.5199 fax

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Client Appreciation Event!

The COUNTRY Financial® Portland East Agency in Wood Village is hosting a BBQ Picnic on September 7th at Fairview Park, 1300 NE Village St, Fairview, OR, from 12:00-3:00 PM.

Join us for food, fun, face painting, photo booth, prize drawings and more! Bring 2 cans of food for donation to Snowcap and receive a ticket for a prize drawing. Enter in the Charity Raffle to benefit My Father’s House.

You don’t have to be a current client to enjoy the picnic. Come find out what it’s like to be part of our COUNTRY Financial family!

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“Don’t Be Misled” from Oregon Secretary of State

Mailings Offer Unneeded Services

July 2014

Oregon businesses have ​reported receiving a letter from Oregon Business Filing Services offering a certificate of standing (certificate of existence) among other services. Although the letter might appear to be from a government agency​​, it’s not. Oregon Business Filings Services charges a fee of $59.99. The Secretary of State Corporation Division provides certificates of existence for $10.00 each. Please visit our certificate page and complete a request form if you need a certificate of existence.

To see the complete article, click HERE.

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August 2014 Member Spotlight: Oregon Commission for the Blind

OCB Color LogoFor over 50 years, the Oregon Commission for the Blind has been an important resource for Oregonians who are blind or low vision as well as their families, friends, and employers. Our mission is to assist Oregonians who are blind in making informed choices and decisions to achieve full inclusion and integration in society through employment, independent living, and social self-sufficiency. Headquartered in Southeast Portland, our nationally recognized programs and expert staff work with individuals who are blind to instill confidence and build skills in all aspects of day-to-day life. Some of our training includes computer and technology skills, cooking, woodshop, career exploration, job development and job placement assistance.

Businesses as Partners
The Oregon Commission for the Blind (OCB) recognizes that businesses are an essential partner for maximizing employment opportunities for Oregonians with vision loss. Our partnering businesses provide us information regarding economic issues related to particular industries, current hiring practices, and employment opportunities. Employers throughout Oregon also set the tone for best practices around diversity and inclusion in the workforce. OCB would like to recognize all of the businesses that have hired, promoted and retained qualified employment candidates over the years. We could not do the important work we do for our clients each day without you!

Worksite Analysis / Worksite Accommodations Assessment
Our professional consultants are available to review and adapt worksites to optimize them for use by employees who are blind or low vision. In most cases, our staff can find a solution to any barrier presented at a worksite to assist Oregonians with vision loss in gaining/retaining employment and to insure that our employers are equipped with qualified employees who have the tools they need to be productive on the job.

Employee Recruitment
We connect businesses with qualified applicants and we connect our clients with exceptional business throughout Oregon. We are always looking for new businesses who would like to work with us to insure qualified Oregonians with vision loss are able to acquire and retain employment. We provide paid interns at no cost to the employer, funded through the State of Oregon Commission for the Blind, and we cover all workers compensation insurance while our participants are in a Work Experience. If you would like to become a part of our network of exemplary businesses seeking to employ Oregonians with vision loss, please contact us.

Morgan Rincon, MS, CRC
Employment Development Coordinator
Oregon Commission for the Blind

To Learn more about OCB please visit our website at

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Key Employee Protection Preserving Your Business

Plan today for the future.

As a business owner, you recognize the importance of insuring your building, inventory, and equipment. These assets are vital to the success of your company. But what would happen if a key employee died unexpectedly or became disabled?1

Key employees are the foundation of a successful business. They are business owners, sales directors, CFOs, or any other individuals who are sources of leadership and profitability, and who would be extremely difficult to replace. Unless the proper steps are taken, the death or disability of a key employee can be devastating to the financial well-being of your company.

The solution: Key employee protection.

Funding a plan to protect key employees may give your business the additional funds it needs to:

  • Hire and train replacements.
  • Replace an employee’s contribution to profits.
  • Maintain the confidence of clients and creditors.
  • Meet possible loan obligations if the key employee was also a guarantor on business loans.

There are three basic options for funding the costs associated with the sudden loss of a key employee: cash accumulation or a sinking fund, borrowing from a bank, or life insurance.

Cash or sinking fund.

In this option, a business establishes a savings plan, much like a bank account, to protect itself from the death or disability of its key employees. At death, the cash in the savings plan is used as a source of funding. Unfortunately, this method has several drawbacks:

  • A savings plan accumulates funds over time. What if funds are needed tomorrow?
  • Accumulated cash could cause an accumulated earnings problem.
  • Any growth on the accumulated funds may be income taxable.
  • A savings plan may be depleted to pay for other expenses.
  • The business owner will pay dollar for dollar, thus depleting the amount of cash that could be used elsewhere.

 Borrowing funds.

In this option, funds are borrowed, usually through a bank loan, to replace the financial loss caused by a key employee’s death or disability.

Drawbacks of this option include:

  • A potential slowdown in business growth due to additional loan repayments.
  • A reduction in future profits may occur because of the loan repayment.
  • The business owner will pay dollar for dollar plus interest.
  • The company’s credit may be adversely affected due to greater debt.


Purchasing life and/or disability insurance on your key employees can be a cost-effective way to safeguard your business and minimize the impact of a key employee’s death or disability. Life insurance and/or disability insurance can provide your business with the following advantages:

  • Funding with insurance is easy to administer.
  • Funds are available even if death or disability occurs the day after coverage begins.
  • Although the premiums are not deductible, the life insurance proceeds at death are generally received income tax-free to the business.

 Funding the future plan.

The business applies for a life insurance policy on the life of a key employee. The business is the owner and beneficiary of the policy. As policyholder, the business pays premiums to an insurance company for the policy as long as the key employee is alive and an employee. Should an insured key employee die, the death benefit proceeds from the insurance policy would pass generally income tax-free to the business,2 providing an immediate cash source for debt repayment, liquidity, or other related concerns.

This educational third-party article is provided as a courtesy by Kevin Sippel, Agent, New York Life Insurance Company. To learn more about the information or topics discussed, please contact Kevin at 503-422-0790 email

1Disability insurance is available through one or more carriers not affiliated with New York Life, dependent on carrier authorization and product availability in your state or locality.

2The Pension Protection Act of 2006 established that the death benefit of an employer-owned life insurance policy will be income taxable to the extent that the benefit exceeds premiums paid unless the parties fit into one of the specified exception categories, a specified form of notice is provided to the employee, and the employee consents to be insured.

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Government & Economic Affairs AM Meeting

Please join the Chamber on July 16th for an opportunity to learn about the Willamette Falls Legacy Project with Carlotta Collette of Metro.

Carlotta Collette | METRO
July 16th | 7:30-9:00am
Adventist Medical Center
Lower Level – Education Room A
10123 SE Market St | MAP


For the first time in 150 years, Oregonians have the opportunity to rediscover a cultural and scenic treasure: Willamette Falls. A public vision and master plan are taking shape, with the goal of transforming a 23-acre industrial site nestled along the Falls in historic Oregon City. This former paper mill could someday serve as an economic engine, a waterfront destination, a unique habitat, a window into Oregon’s past – and a bold step into our future.

Whatever develops on the landscape will be shaped by Willamette Falls, roaring in the Willamette River below. The largest waterfall in the Pacific Northwest, it was long an important cultural and gathering place for Native American tribes. The Oregon Trail ended here. And throughout the 1800s, the Falls made history by generating energy for Oregon’s early industries and cities and fueling the nation’s first long-distance electrical power transmission. That industrial legacy ended in 2011, when the Blue Heron Paper Co. closed its doors – the last in a succession of businesses that contributed to Oregon City’s strong working waterfront. Click here to read more.

Carlotta Collette | Metro

New Member ORIENTATION - July 15th | 11:30am-1:00pm

The East Portland Chamber of Commerce Membership Committee invites you to attend our next New Member Orientation. This meeting will cover the benefits of being a Chamber member, updating your website profile, getting more involved with your Chamber, and maximizing your Chamber membership. You will also have the opportunity to meet Chamber board members and Committee Chairs and ask questions regarding the Chamber and your memership.

Non-alcoholic beverages and light appetizers will be provided by Fenders Moto Cafe and the Chamber. Please feel free to order lunch from Fenders’ delicious menu.

416July 15th | 11:30-1:00pm Fenders Moto Cafe
4336 SE Woodstock Blvd | MAP
Please RSVP

New Member SHOWCASE - July 30th | 7:30-9:00am


New members are invited to host a table in the East Portland Chamber of Commerce New Member Showcase. The showcase is a benefit to new members and is an opportunity to introduce yourself, your business and your products and/or services to the general membership. Space is limited so get your RSVP in early! Please contact Paul Hill at Nightowl Custom Apparel to order an affordable tablecloth for your table.

July 30th
7:30-9:00am (setup 7:00-7:15am)
CherryWood Village
1417 SE 107th Ave
Please RSVP if you would like a table

Community Events


Sunday Parkways
Northeast Portland
July 27th | 11:00-4:00

Southeast Portland
August 24th | 11:00-4:00

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