Tax Deduction for Portland Business Owners

Venture Portland reminds all Portland business owners that in November 2013, City Council unanimously approved increasing the Owner’s Compensation Deduction to $100,000 for Tax Year 2014.  This deduction allows business owners to deduct 75% of their net income, not to exceed $100,000 per owner, when filing their taxes. The city estimates that more than 4,000 businesses will save $865,000 with the deduction this year. Commissioner Nick Fish, Venture Portland’s Liaison on City Council, championed this issue and ensured its passage as part of his commitment to support Portland’s neighborhood businesses and business districts. For years this deduction was only $50,000 but in 1999 it began to slowly increase with inflation and City Council approval.

Please note, businesses grossing under $50,000 per year before expenses are exempt from paying the business license tax. For nonexempt businesses, the Owners Compensation Deduction allows them to deduct a portion of their net income pre-tax. To register, file or pay business taxes online, or to learn more, visit Portland’s Office of Management and Finance, Revenue Division.

Portland’s business license tax has been in effect since 1854 and is currently 2.2% of a business’s net income. Revenue generated from the tax funds essential city services like police, firefighters and parks. These taxes generated more than $78 million in revenue in 2013; proof that Portland’s neighborhood businesses truly are the backbone of the city’s economy!

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Capturing Your Life Stories will be providing class starting April 11th

As a Personal Historian I promote the value of saving people’s legacy. If you want to learn how you can write your own memoir and self publish, please go to Capturing Your Life Stories Facebook page or to see flyer with details!

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The Bookkeeping Company April 2015 Member Spotlight

Our Commitment To Our Clients

We understand that bookkeeping and the paperwork involved in running a business can be stressful and distracting. Our job is to take on those tasks and free up the business owner to focus on what he or she does best – meeting customer needs and growing a successful business. Our commitment is to perform the tasks entrusted to us with professional skill, integrity and accuracy.

Saving You Time & Money

As business people, we know that time is money! The best use of your time and energy is growing your business, satisfying your customers and improving your products and services. Stay focused on what you do best and let The Bookkeeping Company take care of your bookkeeping, handle your payroll & prepare your taxes. As a local, owner-operated company, we are able to offer affordable rates and personalized services. Our goal is to save our clients enough money to cover our fees.

Holly Moss | The Bookkeeping Company

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EPCC GEAC Member Meeting, April 8, 2015

Just to show that our GEAC committee is fun, we pulled a grand April Fools Joke on you.  We advertised that a County Commissioner, Judy Shiprack would be speaking to you today, but that’s not true.  Instead you get the local credit union wonk, Char Shinn from Oregonians Credit Union.  I can give you the scoop on our two credit union bills and how they are looking in the legislature.  (CU act updates and Prize Based Savings.)

Speaking of April fools, the Oregon Chamber Day at the Capitol was April 1st this year and I was able to attend with about 70 other Chamber executives and directors from around the state.  It was an exciting and information packed day, and since our planned speaker could not be here, I am offering to give you an update on some of the legislation and politicking that we heard about last Wednesday in Salem.

The program was put on by the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce, who’s primary role is to support chambers in Oregon and focus on how legislation effects businesses in the state.  There were roughly 3000 bills introduced in the session this year.  Each of those bills is assigned to a committee.  The committee chair gets to decide if the bill will get a hearing and can direct the conversations in the hearing.  If the bill makes it through the hearing process it will go to the floor for a second reading.  Then the process for making a law goes into motion.  If the bill does not get a hearing because the committee chair set it aside, by April 10, then the bill dies.  It may be re-introduced in the next session, or not.

So, let me be clear that I do not personally follow these 3000 bills to know where they are in the process or what kinds of back room negotiations are happening.  Fortunately for us, the East Portland chamber is a member of the Oregon State Chamber and they sift through the paperwork and find the good, the bad and the ugly bills and they give us a weekly report on the most critical ones.   This year the OSCC did something different – they created a 2015 legislative agenda that outlined which bills will help business and which will harm free enterprise and create regulatory burden.  This year they presented the agenda to all of their member chambers and asked them to weigh in as supporters of the agenda.  Thus, giving business a huge voice in the legislative process.

Why is this important?  Do you know who sends high paid lobbyists to Salem, (and DC)? Who is making large campaign contributions?

  • A good deal of money comes from labor unions, government employee unions, environmentalists, special interest groups and social service advocates.
  • There is an absence of lobbyists for business. There is no main street voice.
  • The groups that are anti-business are spending twice as much money.
  • We need to tell legislators that better business makes a better economy.
  • Bills are vetted as to what they will cost government, but not as to what they will cost business to implement.
  • Oregon is a vacuum for all kinds of trendy initiatives.  We need to watch out for the impact they have on business.  (Mandatory sick pay, minimum wage increases, mandatory retirement, BOLI powers, Diesel Regulation, tax increases, etc)

“We are in a battle for the soul of our state.”  Said JL Wilson, “business is tolerated and regulated”.  OSCC is asking the chambers to be the grassroots that ties businesses around the state together to make legislators understand that what is good for business is good for the community.  They are asking that we activate our business members to write letters and talk about what we need and what hurts our ability to succeed in business.

There are too many bills that go through the process in silence.  The low carbon fuel bill was about to get passed when the chambers raised voices in opposition.  It slowed down the bill and gave it more attention.  It passed by only one vote.

There are two handouts for us to look at.  One is the OSCC legislative priorities list and one is called the “Job Killer list”.  Some of you in the room will know more about these bills than I do, so don’t hesitate to help out.

OSCC Opportunity list

  • Transportation investments
  • Expansion of small business tax cuts
  • Natural Resource Utilization
  • Career and Tech Ed / Workforce dev
  • Local community development and tourism

OSCC Defensive agenda

  • Expansion of business mandates and regulation
  • Increased taxes on business and individuals
  • Low carbon fuel standard
  • State run retirement plan mandate
  • Increased minimum wage
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Education AM – April 1

Please join the East Portland Chamber for a Education AM at CherryWood Village. Jim Teasley with SendOutCards will be presenting a discussion on Gratitude Marketing.

Jim Teasley | SendOutCards
April 1st | 7:30-9:00am
CherryWood Village
1417 SE 107th Ave | MAP

233I practice, and teach, Gratitude Marketing. I teach everyone to “give to give,” not to get, and to strive to help others succeed. If you are professional in your industry, passionate about your business, and personable in your dealings with others, you will thrive.

I teach others to be of service to others and stand out from all your competitors. Be someone others want to know, do business with, and refer to everyone that they know. Be someone that others know, like, and trust. Start being a marketing consultant instead of a sales person, find out what others need, and help them get it, no matter who has what they need.

Jim Teasley | 360-314-8691 (blog)

82nd Avenue of Roses Parade

79962ab8-2b55-43cb-b8ef-2020ef30472bThe 9th Annual 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade is the first Rose Festival sanctioned event of the year. The East Portland Chamber of Commerce will be participating in the parade and manning a booth. The following opportunities are available for you to promote your business:

  • Walk in the parade
  • Drive your logo wrapped vehicle in the parade with other chamber members
  • Purchase a magnet with your business logo to place on a vehicle – Download Magnet Order Form
  • Ride in a chamber member vehicle and throw candy
  • Donate money for candy
  • Volunteer at the parade fair booth – you may promote your business and the chamber

Please email Shelley if you want to sign up for any of these opportunities or if you have any questions about the parade.

Non-Profit Events

Human Solutions | Soar With Us Auction

Saturday, April 11, 2015 | Melody Ballroom
615 SE Alder St | Portland OR 97214
Individual Tickets: $75 ($125 after April 8, 2015)
Table of 10: $600

It’s going to be spectacular evening with Hors d’oeuvres, Cocktails, a Fabulous Dinner, Live Music, Dancing, Oral and Silent Auctions.

Chamber Happy Hour | April 2nd

Join us for a casual evening of socializing and networking with chamber members, friends and family. 21 and over only please.

April 2nd | 5:30-7:00pm
Old Chicago Pizza Bar
10300 SE Washington St
Free Appetizers!

Spring Mega Mixer | April 30th

Meet new businesses from other chambers and business associations. This event is a great opportunity to connect with businesses from all four corners of Portland. Hors d’oeuvres and no host bar.

April 30th | 4:30-7:00pm
Crowne Plaza Portland-Convention Center
1441 NE 2nd Ave | Portland, OR 97232

$10/person before April 22nd | $15/person after April 22nd
$20/person at the door | Register


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Portland’s Proposed “Ban the Box” Ordinance

Dear EPCC Members,

This is an email sent by the Portland Business Alliance:

On Wednesday, March 25, Mayor Charlie Hales will hold a first reading on an ordinance that may significantly impact your business’ hiring practices. We have significant concerns with the proposal and are asking members to consider testifying at Portland City Council on Wednesday, March 26 and/or writing to members of council. Please find the details below.

About the proposed Ban the Box ordinance:

Multiple jurisdictions have adopted “ban the box” laws, which prohibit the question about criminal history on an employment application. The Portland Business Alliance supports “banning the box” on employment applications in order to remove barriers to employment. But we also believe employers need flexibility to design hiring processes that meet the need of their particular circumstances. The proposed ordinance goes far beyond what most other jurisdictions have done, creating significant risk exposure, inhibiting the ability of employers to ensure the safety of their workplaces for other employees and customers, and interfering in hiring practices to the detriment of both employers and prospective employees.

The ordinance forces employers to wait until after a conditional offer of employment to do a criminal background check, removing the opportunity for an honest discussion during the interview. While that may work for some employers, it may not work for all. Further, the ordinance limits the criteria an employer can consider in making a determination regarding the relevance of a criminal history. The ordinance, which was developed largely without the input of the private employers it would impact, is a one-size approach that fails to recognize every work site, employer, job requirement and applicant is different. The ordinance language can be found here.

Take action now, and tell Portland City Council to include employers in the discussion: 

Please consider speaking at the public hearing on Wednesday, March 26, at 3 p.m. about this issue. Alternatively, please write the Mayor, along with other Commissioners, at the emails below to tell them to slow down and include business in the discussion. It’s helpful to include information about your specific business and hiring needs, in additional to the following points:

  • Support for “banning the box” contingent on allowing timely criminal background checks.
  • Oppose the proposed ordinance as drafted.
  • Ask to slow down the ordinance and set up a process to that allows all stakeholders to have a dialogue and provide input.
  • Urge the city not to dictate hiring practices and presuming they understand the needs of your business.
  • Express the need for an ordinance that has additional flexibility to accommodate various business needs and work environments.

Mayor Charlie Hales:

Commissioner Nick Fish:

Commissioner Amanda Fritz:

Commissioner Steve Novick:

Commissioner Dan Saltzman:

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EPCC members:

We received the communication below from the Oregon Chamber of Commerce that actively follows the legislative activities with chamber members’ interests in mind.  We are sharing it with you so that if you would like to express your opinion about this bill (HB 2386) to your representative.  A call or an email from a constituent has immense impact on your legislators, so if you share your opinion with them, you can have an impact.  We have added contact info for the representatives from East Portland at the bottom of this email if you wish to contact them.

Dear OSCC members:

As you know, OSCC has been following and actively lobbying in opposition to HB 2386.

The Oregon House of Representatives Committee on Business Labor passed HB 2386 yesterday morning on a 6-5 vote.

HB 2386 authorizes the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) to issue temporary cease and desist orders if the Labor Commissioner has “reason to believe” an employer has violated certain employment laws including prevailing wage, wage and hour, and general employment law statutes.

The bill will now go to the House floor likely next week.

OSCC opposes this measure because it allows BOLI to issue cease and desist orders without having to go to court. Once the order was issued, an employer would have the burden and cost of going to circuit court to prove they were NOT violating the law, and request that the order be lifted.  We ask that you contact your Representative by phone or email to voice how this bill could impact your business, and ask them to vote NO on the House Floor.

OSCC Government Affairs

House Representatives that cover East Portland:

EPCC Government & Economic Affairs Committee Members

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Invite a guest and join the East Portland Chamber for Speed Networking @ SE Works | March 18th 7:30-9:00am

Speed Networking

Portland Speed NetworkingPlease join the East Portland Chamber for Speed Networking on March 18th. This event is a great opportunity to meet current members and new businesses. Please invite guests and bring at least 25 business cards.

March 18th | 7:30-9:00am
SE Works
7916 SE Foster Rd | MAP
Parking is available in the Junior Achievement parking lot.
Coffee and breakfast goodies will be served.

After Hours Event | March 19th

Please join Karen Kane, owner of Insurance Solutions NW, for an After Hours event at Enso Urban Winery & Tasting Room. Wine, beverages and appetizers will be served. This evening is a great opportunity for a more casual evening of networking and socializing with chamber members and Karen’s clients, vendors and guests. Come out and meet some new people!

Insurance Solutions NorthwestEnso Urban Winery
March 19th | 5:30-7:00pm
1416 SE Stark St | MAP
Please RSVP!

SpeedPro Imaging | March 2015 Member Spotlight

Speed Pro LogoCo-owners Justin Hansen and Rod Carlson come from a deep background in the print industry and seek to utilize that knowledge to provide impactful signage and displays to attract attention to local companies, organizations, and their promotions.

Priding itself on customer service, the highest quality graphics, and ease of accessibility; SpeedPro is eager to partner with the Portland business community to provide solutions that will create a visible presence that will raise awareness and drive business to their clients.

For more information, you can visit or call 503-384-2633 for consultation.

Non-Profit Events

Human Solutions | Soar With Us Auction

Saturday, April 11, 2015 | Melody Ballroom
615 SE Alder St | Portland OR 97214
Individual Tickets: $75 ($125 after April 8, 2015)
Table of 10: $600

It’s going to be spectacular evening with Hors d’oeuvres, Cocktails, a Fabulous Dinner, Live Music, Dancing, Oral and Silent Auctions.

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Shirley Craddick Addresses the East Portland Chamber of Commerce

EPCC GEAC meeting

March 11, 2015

Metro Councilor Shirley Craddick

Sponsor minute from Oregonians Credit Union.

The featured business district was 82nd Avenue of Roses business association, presented by Richard Keily, president. He gave examples of how the BA has been working with the residential coalition to improve the image of 82nd Avenue.

Kevin Minkoff introduced Councilor Craddick. She is a runner, a Gresham resident and was a Gresham city councilor. She has a background in medical research. She was elected to metro council in 2010.

What does metro do? It is a regionally elected government with each councilor elected by the people in their geographic area. Metro includes 1.5 million people and 25 cities. There are four councilors that touch east Portland. This is a unique structure of government because the councilors are elected by voters.   They plan projects that cross jurisdictions, such as the East Metro Connection plan which looks at the most important transportation projects in East Multnomah Co. The US is in a crisis for transportation funding. Each city has their own transportation service plan (TSP) and Metro puts those all together.

Metro and the cities are looking at the whole region to decide what projects are the highest priority. Among them are:

Powell-Division: This project includes more buses and public transit from downtown to Mt Hood Community College. There will be a rapid transit route through the corridor. The project will include significant development on the route – sidewalks, lighting and platforms.

Regional attractions and facilities: Metro operates all of the 5 performing arts centers, the Expo Center and the Oregon Convention Center. They are working on a new hotel near the convention center. Metro also manages the Oregon Zoo which is getting a 4 year upgrade as a result of a 2008 bond measure. Current focus is on Elephant Lands, which includes a new route for the train.   A major initiative is happening with the Willamette Falls Project. There is a new property owner who is working on the design phase. There will be some viewing areas where you will be close enough to the falls to feel the spray.

Sustainable Living: Metro protects the waterways, and works to keep the water temperatures down. They make sure the transportation system includes walking, bicycling, parks and trees. There are grants available for neighborhoods for nature restoration.

Transportation Crisis: The gas tax has not been raised for 22 years. Part of the highway trust fund now comes from the state general fund. Metro is looking at getting funding from Federal and State. This year they are trying to get a transportation package out of Salem that could include a gas tax or a tax for miles driven, to raise money for road maintenance.

Metro owns and operates the rails and the bus system.   Rail is least costly to operate but most expensive to build.   Challenge of orphan highways that are owned and operated by ODOT but run through urban areas. ODOT doesn’t do much to care for those such as Powell-82nd Ave – so, Metro is working with cities and the state for a joint solution. ODOT is working on a project to redesign outer Powell, from I-205 to Gresham to make it safer. It is a separate project that will cost about $1million per mile.

Goal of Reducing Greenhouse Gases 20% by 2023: The state passed the mandate and gave it to Metro to enforce. or 503-797-1547

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Chamber Day at the State Capitol

The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Chamber Day at the State Capitol in Salem.

Date: April 1, 2015

Time: 8:00 AM1:00 PM PDT

Who Should Attend:

The day is designed for Chamber Executives and Chamber staff, Board Chairs and Vice-Chairs and Chairs of the Chambers’ Public Policy Committee or PAC Boards.

Topics to include:

  • The latest information regarding key state issues
  • Inside the legislative process – what you need to know


    For more information, click HERE

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