OSCC Advocacy Update: Cleaner Air Oregon - What you need to know

December 11, 2017 3:48 PM | Deleted user

Dear OSCC Members and Colleagues: 

On October 20th, the Oregon DEQ released it's long-awaited air toxics rules - also known as 'Cleaner Air Oregon' - for public comment. Click here to view the proposed rules.

The proposed rules are long, detailed, and very unfavorable to Oregon businesses.

The program imposes extremely stringent requirements on new sources that will make it difficult for many new types of industry to locate or do business in Oregon. The proposed rules also impose stringent requirements on existing sources that will make it very difficult for these companies to modify, expand, or in some cases, continue to operate at all.

The proposed regulations would make Oregon's air toxics regulations the most stringent in the nation.

The rules propose to single out 80 companies at the outset to be the first to go through the program. These companies will be chosen by DEQ based on emissions inventories already submitted. Although this list is intended to be confidential, we fully expect the list to be "leaked" as the DEQ prepares to ask the legislature for millions in new funding for this program in the 2018 legislature.

The DEQ also plans to designate an area as a 'Multi-Source Risk Area' - widely expected to encompass north and northwest Portland - which will be assessed for cumulative risk presented by all sources in the area. Any source inside the area will be subject to additional regulation that could include an inability to modify or expand operations.

DEQ is currently loading up on staff and requesting authority from the legislature to raise millions in added fees from air permit holders. Most of the fees will be generated by increasing the cost of ACDP and Title V permits.

We are recommending that all Chambers submit comments to DEQ about the impact these proposed rules will have on business. Please be advised that DEQ is accepting comment on the proposed regulations until 4pm on Friday, December 22nd.

Attached, are simple message points that can be used to put comments on the record. View here.

Comments can be sent via email to:

Joe Westersund
Cleaner Air Oregon Coordinator
Oregon Dept of Environmental Quality
700 NE Multnomah St, Suite 600
Portland, OR 97232

Best regards,

Alison Hart, Executive Director



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