Pay Equity Gudelines in effect starting Jan.2, 2019

January 05, 2019 10:24 AM | Anonymous

In an effort to help you know what you need to know about the new Pay Equity Guidelines that have just been put into effect, please go to the information at

These are provided by the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce. Below is the introductory letter from the Chair of the OSCC:

December 3, 2018

Dear OSCC members & colleagues,

Last month, the Bureau of Oregon Labor & Industries released their final rules for employers and employees on Oregon’s groundbreaking Equal Pay Act, passed by the 2017 Oregon legislature. The new law that goes into effect on January 1, 2019 requires that employees be paid equally for comparable work regardless of gender or any of Oregon’s ten other protected classes.

We believe this will be the most challenging human resources issue for most of our Chamber members over the next year. Further complicating matters – and increasing the level of urgency – is that lawsuits are allowed based on violations of the law starting on January 1st.

The guide, which you can view here, provides helpful information for your members as they prepare to comply with the new law. The guidance includes an overview of the law, frequently asked questions, a guide for employers on self-evaluations, a sample checklist of policies and practices, and a calculation tool created to assist employers in determining where they have potential wage gaps between employees.

As the leading grassroots business organization for our local business communities, we think it’s critical that every local business in every corner of our state has access to the best available information on how to implement the new law. We hope you will find that this tool provides great value to your members.


Linda Moholt

CEO, Tualatin Chamber of Commerce

Chair, Oregon State Chamber of Commerce

The East Portland Chamber of Commerce is working to host a Town Hall on this subject soon.


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